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Can I visit my sponsored child?

Yes. We encourage you to visit your child as that experience will certainly be life changing for you and your sponsored child! Africa kids offers short-term volunteer programs which would allow you to visit and spend time with your sponsored child, for more information please check on the site "volunteer" page.

How do I know if my sponsorship money is being used as intended?

All our dealings are conducted with lot of transparency, honesty and accountability. We have needs "supply and distribution" form that we use to deliver goods and services to our sponsored children. Each time a child collects an item or receive any form of service such as healthcare it has to be signed by relevant official.Also, our financial books are always open for inspection at anytime.

What if I do not send my sponsorship money in time?

We do encourage sponsors to send their sponsorship money on time. However, you may notify us should you anticipate delay in sending your sponsorship.

How long does a child sponsorship last?

The length of time that a sponsorship last remains at sponsor's will. Typically, we assume that the sponsorship continues until the child reaches 18 years or become employable. We hope that sponsors will commit themselves for at least one year.

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