Children’s Education

Africa Kids believes that education is extremely important to improve the lives of orphans and children in need. We support their education by providing schooling support, continuously discussing their progress with teachers. We also find responsible guardians to take them in while the attend school. Also, Africa Kids operates a full primary school with qualified teachers.

Residential Care

Africa Kids is dedicated to providing residential Christian care to children who are orphaned, neglected, abused, underprivileged and vulnerable; while ensuring their physical, emotional, social and spiritual development is nurtured by consistent encouragement instilling within each individual a model of love, safety, purpose, productivity, service to others and trust in God. Africa Kids is committed to breaking the cycle of poverty, while meeting the emotional, medical, educational and social needs of the child. The institution accommodates both boys and girls from the local communities.

Orphan Sponsorship Program (OSP)

The purpose and objective of the OSP is to provide basic physical, social and spiritual care to those children who have lost their parents. We have hundreds of children waiting for sponsorship. We encourage foster parents to fill in a sponsorship form and become part of our organization. An orphan’s life can be given new direction for as little as $50 a month. Africa Kids deals with the neediest, children, you can choose a child with preference of age or gender. The sponsors’ money goes towards purchasing school supplies, books, school uniforms, clothing, medicine, and housing for the child.

Sustainable Agriculture Program

Recognizing the long-term physical, emotional, social and economic effects of malnutrition, hunger and poverty, Africa Kids places great emphasis on teaching children simple farming – growing organic fruits and vegetables namely kales, tomatoes, maize, beans, cabbage, onions, carrots, pumpkins, watermelons, mangoes and passion fruits. The children learn sustainable techniques in planting, pruning, weeding, fencing, harvesting, building, caring for cows, sheep, goats and dogs. The farm animals provide children with protein in form of meat, eggs and milk.